My Holiday Blog 
I loved my holiday! I traveled 7 hours away to Dubai! Its was soo hot! I also loved to swim! there were 4 different swimming pools and i also included swimming in the sea! I have no clue why but i'm scared of fish in the sea but.... So I am going to tell you a little story which is going to make me sound a bit strange....
So basically as I said for no reason i am scared of fish only really swimming with them ðŸ˜ĻðŸ˜ĻI walked into the sea twice being cautious looking out for any of them. So then it was the 3rd time walking i was less cautious then as i thought I have been in there twice but just in case i was only in there for about 5-10 minutes which i think is quite impressive with my pet peeve of swimming with fish. I then said to myself I would walk out thinking there wouldn't be any fish in the shallow end... Right? Nope i was wrong i saw a lot of fish! Really! 🐟🐠
                                   ðŸ˜Š The Start Of  My Unicorn ðŸĶ„ Day 🍒
Before I get started My name is Mia and I absolutely ADORE Unicorns!!! My School Morning So basically every day except from Saturday and Sunday Obvs! I walk into school waiting to see all my besties and my first lesson is Guided reading which i enjoy as it has activities involved. which are either on our tables at the time or my teacher would type them up on the board. Then after guided reading i would look forward to having english which right now in year 5/6 we are learning about play scripts and in today's lesson we were editing and improving also finishing our play script about the classic fairytale.... The Three Little pigs!!!